HDD and SD Memory Card Camcorders

Some domestic camcorders contain an internal HDD (Hard Disc Drive) typically 40GB, 60GB, 80GB or 120GB in size, while others use a removable SD Card to capture video and still photos.

If you have one of these cameras tucked away in a draw with your precious family memories stored it is wise to get the files copied off the cameras internal HDD or removable SD card and avoid risk losing the videos either through physical damage or accidental human error such as formatting the internal drive.

To capture these files, back them up or make a DVD of the video we will need the camera if it has an internal HDD, ideally we would also need the power supply although it may not be required in some circumstances (i.e lost or broken).

Camcorder with built in HDD Hard Disc Drive Storage

Often with the cameras having inbuilt discs that can store typically 20 hours of quality video footage up to 80 hours plus of ‘cram on as much as you can’ quality (the more modern equivalent of Long Play!) is is difficult for us to provide a fixed cost for this service. It also impacts the cost depending upon how we are able to capture the video stored, one method of copying across files, like you would on a USB stick to a PC, or if we are required to playback in real time and have to capture each hour manually. As a guide consider the cost of transfer to be typically around £10 per hour, we can quote you more accurately before completing the work once we know what and how much we are working with.

When these cameras were first launched the idea was fantastic, no cost of tapes and all the video is in one place! However that does create the issue of everything in one place, if it is not backed up or captured and left on the internal HDD it is also a lot easier to loose everything in an instant! We have seen the joy of people viewing video of children growing up, elderly relatives that are no longer with us and also hear of the sadness when all the family video memories are lost.

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