Cine Transfer

As a guide a full 5″ reel containing 200 feet of film will typically cost around £24.00 to transfer, and a discount is offered on large quantities i.e. 1000 feet plus.

Currently we are unable to offer Cine Film transfers to DVD or MP4 formats, however a local business does specialise in 8mm and Super 8 Cine Film transfer and if you complete the Contact from on this web site we will pass the enquiry over to them. They will then contact you directly for more information, provide a total cost and also discuss delivery and collection methods.

If you can provide details of how much film you have and number of reels this will be useful, here is some guidance on film length.

Showing reels and capacities

Obviously you can also have a partly filled reel, so it will be possible to have a 7″ reel with 4″ diameter of film on it, this is then calculated as 100 feet and not 400 feet.

Cine Film Reels