DV / Mini DV

DV is a format for storing digital videos. It was launched in 1995. It is the foundation of the Mini DV format.

All DV cassettes use ¼ inch (6.35 mm) wide tape. Small cassettes, also known as S-size or MiniDV cassettes, had been intended for amateur use, but became accepted in professional productions as well. MiniDV cassettes are used for recording baseline DV, DVCAM, and HDV.

Mini DV Camcorder Tape

Price List for Tape

The cost of the DVD is included in the per tape cost, the MP4 file can be provided in several different ways, digital download, USB Stick, Hard Disc transfer. The MP4 file format I proving more popular now as this can be viewed on many game consoles, smart TV, Computer or transferred to a phone or tablet, rather than having to view a DVD on a player connected to your TV.

Capture Video Tape
Encode to included DVD with single menu play button
Capture Video Tape
Produce MP4 Digital file

We are happy for you to provide your own blank formatted Hard Disc Drive or your own USB stick drives alternatively we can sell you a USB stick for a charge of £10.00.
You can get more than one tape in MP4 format on the USB Stick, so one is not required for each tape capture.